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Grupo Minuano

Herbet Oscar Enzweiler, from the first generation of family members in the company, founded, in 1972, the Industria de Peles Minuano in Lindolfo Collor (RS).

After employing several men from the city for this activity and start to follow a successful path in the export of cowhide rugs, Herbert worried about the female labor of Lindolfo Collor, and founded in 1980, Calçados Malu. A dream for him, which began to produce for the domestic market, soon having his first export, of 1800 pairs, to Australia.

The entrepreneurial visionary passed away in 1984, leaving his legacy to his sons, who continue to expand their businesses and areas of activity, founding in 2005, Estofados Minuano.

Nowadays the Minuano Group is led by the brothers Paulo, Renato and Roberto Enzweiler and is among the 10 largest tanneries in Brazil, being the national leader in the segment of leather sofas, the worlds largest producer of rugs in leather with international reference quality in manufacture of footwear. The third generation of the family is already in business bringing innovation and seeking to perpetuate the legacy already built by its predecessors.

Peles Minuano operates in the production of upholstery leather, automotive, furniture, manufactured and natural rugs, as well as leather for footwear. In several segments, the company sells both in the domestic market and abroad. In the footwear sector, the Group has Calçados Malu, a company that operates in the domestic and foreign markets with two own brands and in the production of renowned brands in the sector. With a tradition of producing quality shoes and innovative technologies for customers in Europe and the United States, and with the know-how accumulated in 37 years, the company invests more and more in is own brands: Malu and Território Nacional. Besides the administrative headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul, Calçados Malu also has production units in Alagoinhas (BA) and Crissiumal (RS). Own brands are distributed throughout Brazil and also to Latin America, North America and Asia.

Always in search of new markets, Calçados Malu started in 2005 its operation in the production of footwear components, injecting PU to third parties.

The division of Estofados Minuano, which operates in the furniture sector, producing upholstery and articles in leather, sells in Brazil and in a dozen countries abroad. The company works a varied range of upholstery and carpets with the Salvatore and Minuano Upholstery brands. Over the years, with a lot of research in development inside and outside Brazil, Minuano has been reinventing itself to always bring innovation to the market, either through innovative design or new technologies. In this way it reaches a constant and sustainable growth.