Professional Line

More comfort for health, hygiene and food professionals. See all the exclusive benefits:

  • Antibacterial

    Thermo controlled materials reduce heat and avoid moisture, bacterial growth and the excessive smell

  • Linning

    Made of Soft and breathable fabric, providing comfort and high absorption of moisture.

  • Outsole

    The outsoles are TPR, material with excellent adherence, or PU, lightweight material that assists in shock absorption. Both are slip resistant, providing security and stability in walking.

  • Collar Padding

    Special 4mm foam at the back part to reduce friction between footwear and the skin. The softness prevents blisters and bruises providing comfort to the heel region

  • Insole

    Exclusive Malu Super Comfort Insoles, 4mm or 6mm in PU anatomically shaped. Covered with breathable material to prevent and reduce moisture. The high relief bubbles are strategically positioned to provide natural support and balance to the foot, providing extreme comfort when wearing.

Line Profissional

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